Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day To-Do List

Down here in Tennessee, we are having our 7th snow day of the year!  I really didn't think it would happen when I looked out the window this morning and the sidewalk was just wet, with a couple inches of snow on the grass.  But here I am, sitting in my PJs, drinking coffee on my couch!  On our previous snow days, this is pretty much what I did.  But, getting up and looking around my apartment this morning, having the opportunity to do whatever I want today, I've decided to make a list of things I need to get done and try to conquer most of them (maybe all?) today.  If anything, it's getting me organized so I have a list to go to when I have some free time at home.

1.  Clean out my "junk closet".  I have this awesome deep closet that is great for storage, but have been so busy with holidays, school, and visitors since I moved in that it has become a "toss whatever I don't know what to do with yet" closet.  Eventually, I want it to be neatly organized with shelves and baskets to hold craft, scrapbooking and gift wrapping stuff.  I'm sure it will be a long process.

2.  Watch Serendipity, my favorite all-time movie.  I've been wanting to watch it for a long time, but keep forgetting to.  I also need to catch up on facebook messages and have a bunch saved on my DVR.  

3.  Cuddle and play with this precious girl.  She usually lays in her kennel all day with a couple of toys while I'm at work.  So I try to give her extra love and fun on the days I get off with her.  

4.  Get together my grocery list and gather coupons.  It's time to stock up again, and I'm really trying to get into couponing again.  You save UNBELIEVABLE amounts of money if you just try. 

5.  Go through these boxes of pictures to get frame replacements.  I have some picture frames with pictures still from high school, others with pictures of picture frame people that came with the frame!  Time to update!

6.  On the same lines as the couponing, I'm ready to get back to everything I learned in FPU.  Time to make a February budget and get my envelopes ready for payday.  I have a lot of expenses coming up this year, so I need to be ready for them!

 7.  Start posting things on Ebay.  This stuff is just taking up room.  Time to pass it on to someone who could use it!

Well...I think it's ambitious to think I can get it all done today, but I'm hoping to at least make a dent.  What do you usually do on your snow days?  Are you productive or do you prefer to lay on the couch and watch movies?  Hope everyone has a great day, whatever you're doing!  Wish me luck!

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