Friday, March 30, 2012

March Date - Game Night

Talk about last minute!  Life has been up in the air for me lately, but after some soul searching, motivational seminars, and inspiring books, I'm back to blogging.  I'm hoping to make it more of a regular thing...we'll see how it goes.  

Back to the reason for this post....March's date for the Dates for a Year Basket!  While I was planning out this basket, I tried to vary the dates month to month so that they would alternate from elaborate to simple, out of the house and a night in, etc.  Since February's date was pretty extravagant (as dates on a budget go), I needed this month to be more on the simple side.  Last month was super romantic and sexy, so this month I wanted them to have more fun.  I think varying the dates like this keeps that spark and element of surprise.  On a tighter budget, keeping with the idea of doing something more fun, and deciding to add some competitive edge to March (it is March Madness season after all), I decided on an old-fashioned game night!

Here's what was included in the March envelope:
  • Date Card
  • 3 puzzle books including Crossword, Sudoku, and Word Search
  • "Battle of the Sexes" Card Game

Here is the date card that was included in the envelope:

Since I know that my sister already has several board games in her collection, I didn't feel the pressure to include one in this envelope.  In college, I was given the Battle of the Sexes card game and spent many a nights in our residential college lobby battling it out with friends.  It's a fun, easy game...but can get super competitive.  It's fun to play because the girls almost always know the answer to the questions the boys are asked and vice versa.  It's fun to watch the other sex squirm while you think it's such an easy question.  I also had the puzzle books lying around the house.  I had a huge stash collected from road trips and plane delays, so I tossed them in as well. 

Remember, the point of the envelopes is to spark the planning of a date.  The way I look at this whole project was that it was an almost guaranteed way for them to have one date a month their first year of marriage, no excuses.  Everything is planned and ready for them and they can go with it as is.  But if they wanted to add to this, they absolutely could.  They don't even have to use the games included, but they are there if they don't feel like pulling out their games or just want to try something new.  The idea and the pre-planning is the gift.  Remember that!

The cost of this date for me was practically free.  Since I had the games around the house, I didn't have to go purchase anything for this date.  You could use whatever you have.  Be resourceful.  Pull together a deck of cards, some dice, look up games online that can be played with household items.  Actually, it would be really fun to make this a "Minute to Win It" envelope.  There are a TON of great ideas, directions, and supply lists here.  I didn't think of this idea when I was pulling it together (this is another one I pulled together the week after the wedding so I had Maid-of-Honor brain).  

This date can be bumped up to a more elaborate date easily.  You could add a gift card to a local pizza delivery restaurant so that they can have dinner paid for and on its way while they start playing.  You could add a few different board games, a trophy for the winner, and snacks.  

Have fun and be creative planning this date.  I think adding a competitive edge to the relationship is a great thing.  It keeps things interesting, and offers a great opportunity for flirting like they did when they first met.  This could start a monthly tradition, something they keep the bet going for and compete for each month.  This is date 9 of 13!   I can't believe there are only four left to tell you about.  But I'm also super excited because the last four dates...they are something special!  Stick around...April's date will be posted very soon!


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