Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day Success!

Have you ever been so excited and happy you get little hiccups in your stomach?  That's the kind of excitement I had last night at the end of my productive snow day.  Yesterday morning, I felt really motivated to get some things done today.  To feel like I had a plan, I made a list  yesterday morning.

Remember this ruckus?

Well...I started doing a few things around the apartment, then decided to try to take a chunk out of the monster that was cleaning out that closet.  With my personality, it is nearly impossible to start something without finishing it.  I started by sorting a bunch of papers and filing them in my filing cabinet.  Before I knew it, everything that was in that closet was out, and my living/dining room were a wreck.  Since I had the opportunity, and had already started, I decided to just go with it!  I knew I would need some better storage options.  The closet is very deep, so it would be nice to have some shelves to take advantage of all that room.  So, I changed out of my snow day PJs, showered, and headed to Target.  They had three-tier shelving units on sale for just $15, so I grabbed one of those and stocked up on stacking storage bins as well.  After browsing at a bookstore and Marshalls, then stopping to get a few groceries, I came home around 6:30.  I was starving, but couldn't contain my excitement.  I opened the box and...

Great, another assembly project.  At this point, I took a break to cook dinner and eat, putting together the shelves at the same time.  It really wasn't hard at all...just snapping together some pieces.  Then came the tricky part.  Figuring out how to organize.  I'm sure it will be a continual process as I live with it, but for now I think I have things pretty well under control.  Here's my closet after:

YAHOO!  It's so clean and pretty.  As I was bringing in my green and blue boxes, I realized I probably subconsciously was trying to channel some Crate and Barrel.  They have an online sale right now on closet storage, but I KNOW I was able to do mine for cheaper than if I bought from them.  Anyway, here's the breakdown of how things are stored: 

I have had that blue box since Freshman year of college, and it is now my "gift-wrapping box".  It holds all my gift bags, tags, boxes, tissue paper, and ribbons.  I bought that oval trash bin for $2 at Target to stick my rolls of wrapping paper in.  On the left, I have a metal two-tier tray table that I actually got at Goodwill a few years back.  it wobbles a little bit, but perfectly holds bubble wrap and shipping stuff on the bottom shelf and fabric scraps on the top.  My sewing basket fits right underneath it, too!

Check this out!  As I walked through the dollar spot at Target, grabbing a Valentine's Tee for my pup (yep, I'm one of those people), I found these little cuties.  Each magazine file is cardboard, so they won't last forever, but they were each a dollar.  So, I snatched the last six they had, which amazingly fit perfectly across the top shelf to hold my magazines.  Before, my mags were stacked one on top of the other on my top shelf in my coat closet.  Now, they're easy to grab for reference.  The second shelf holds my camera accessories, cards and stationary, crafting supplies, and two matching pencil cups to hold more crafting necessities.  The bottom shelf holds more crafting stuff and my toolbox bin (which, miraculously matched my new boxes).  

These were already hanging in my messy closet, but I wanted to show ya'll for some ideas.  I got these sticker whiteboards for Christmas.  It's great to have somewhere to keep track of projects I want to complete and things I'd like to purchase.  It's a good motivator!  Also, the calendar to the left is a fun project I did over the summer.  I bought the template and used scrapbooking supplies to decorate and embellish each month.  It's an infinite calendar to remind me of holidays and birthdays.  I'm sure you could easily make your own!

 Finally, I was able to put up all my awards and plaques from being an RA in college.  They were just sitting in a box, so getting them on the wall frees up more room and gives me a reminder of those days when I open my closet!

So here is all that's left from my messy closet.  Some things I need to bring to school in that white trash can, empty baskets and bins, and a table of decorations I either need to put up, stash, or trash.  

It feels SOOO good to get that done!  I've probably opened the door and admired it at least half a dozen times since I finished.  I just love how everything is accessible, looks nice, and there is room for my exercise ball to sit on the floor without knocking things over!  

What organization projects have you done that have given you a major sense of accomplishment?  Do you have something in mind that you want to get organized?  I encourage you to do it!  It sure feels GOOOOOD!

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