Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Date - Spa Night

Just in time for Valentine's day, here's another date idea from my Dates for a Year Basket!  For February, I wanted to create a date that would be fun, but also relaxing and romantic.  Something more intimate that gave Kim & Larry the opportunity to just spend time together basking in their still fresh newlywed love.  I know that is totally cheesy, but it is Valentine's month, isn't it?  February is all about recognizing, highlighting, and appreciating the mushy-gushy-ness of love!

So, since I wanted it to be intimate and something very "alone" I knew February had to be an at-home date.  I figured they would already make separate plans for Valentine's and this would just be a bonus date.  I didn't want to do any kind of activity, I wanted the focus to be on them.  So, I thought they needed something that would be relaxing, easy, and stress free.  The first thing that came to mind was a Spa Night!

Here's what was included in the February envelope:
  • Date Card
  • A package of tea light candles in a relaxing scent
  • "Spa-like" music on a CD
  • 2 individual packages of facial scrub (I chose Apricot and Pink Grapefruit)
  • 2 individual packages of facial masks (I chose Chocolate & Strawberry and maybe Mint & Lemon?  I don't remember!)
  • One bottle of Lavender & Chamomile Body Wash/Foaming Bath Oil (You could choose any relaxing scent in any kind of bubble bath)
  • One bottle of Neutrogena body oil (or any other body oil)

Here is the date card that was included in the envelope:

On the card, I suggest that they start the evening by lighting the candles, playing the music and filling the tub.  I know Larry probably won't be too into the scrub and mask, but I intended for this to be somewhat of a do-it-yourself spa night.  I pictured Kim doing a mini facial on Larry with the scrub and mask and vice versa.  After a warm bubble bath, they could use the oil to do massages like you would get at the spa.  

This date cost around $15-$20.  It was one of the more expensive dates for sure, but I figured Valentine's month was a good one to splurge on.  I already had the Zen Meditation music CD that, to be honest, wasn't played very often in my CD player.  Everything else I purchased at Wal-Mart.  The Freeman packets of scrub & masks were about a dollar a piece.  They had all different types and fragrances.  You could instead replace them with travel or full-size products if you were willing to spend a little more money.  The oil and bubble bath can also be purchased at different places, in smaller sizes or better quality.  However, I was pulling this date together the week of their honeymoon, so was running short on time and cash.  :o)  

This date could be cheaper by suggesting they use what they have or by buying travel-size containers and including something you already have on-hand.  You can easily make this more lavish and pricey in a lot of ways!  You can make it an individual date basket by including a bottle of wine or champagne and glasses; robes and slippers (maybe even personalized); add body scrub, foot scrub, body paint, lotion, a book or video on massage techniques, etc; possibly include a gift card to a local spa.  I'm sure there are many more things you can add to make this night even more extravagant and special.  But remember, I'm offering you ideas for CHEAP dates!

I tried to make this romantic, special, and something they felt was indulgent.  Being Kim's sister, I didn't want to get too sensual with this...I'm sure they can do that on their own!  But I hope they enjoy this night and it brings them back to the lovey-dovey feelings from when they first met.  This is date 8 of 13!    March is right around the corner, so stay tuned!

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