Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September Date - Window Shopping

Time to share the next date from the Dates for a Year Basket!  Although I would have loved to plan awesome, spectacular, expensive dates for every month, it wasn't possible with my budget and to be able to include 12 complete dates.  So, I kind of "warned" Kim & Larry upfront that each date would be different, including the theme, experience, setting, and cost.  This month is a little more laid back and (I think) the least planned of all of them.  Or maybe I should say the most freedom for creativity.  :o)  

I decided to use this date for September because it could be indoors or outdoors, and I thought the "just before Fall" weather gave them the option to spend some time outside in the cool breeze, or if the Summer heat was lingering, hanging out indoors.  September's date is a window shopping date!

Here's what was included in the September envelope:
  • Date Card
  • $10 Cash

Here is the date card that was included in the envelope:

On the card, I mentioned a few local places for suggestions, but those could easily be swapped out for what's near you for drooling over expensive brands or local flair.  And although this date doesn't have a lot of "pre-planned" instructions, I think it's a good second month date for newlyweds.  A great chance to step away from the stress of finances and just focus on each other. 

This date only cost $10...obviously!  It could of course be less or more if you wanted.  It could be a free date if you chose to bring along your own coffee or not to snack while you were out.  Or, you could add a bit more cash for lunch or dinner...maybe even a little to buy a treasure from your trip.   

I haven't heard from my sis yet about if they went on this date yet, and/or how it went, but I will share when I find out!  I just wanted to get this date posted for those that were waiting.  This is date 3 of 13...stay tuned for October's date reveal!

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