Friday, April 8, 2011

Jeepers Peepers!

It's time again for another wreath!  Actually...time for an EASTER wreath!

I meant to get to this last weekend, but time just didn't allow it.  I saw this idea in a FABULOUS magazine for lovers of creativity, entertaining, and cooking.  It's called "Celebrate" and is done by Phyllis Hoffman.  My mom is subscribed to it, and I always steal borrow it shortly after it comes in the mail to browse at all the cute ideas.  It is a great starting place for party planning, even if you want to throw a party but don't know what kind.  She comes up with party ideas for anything and everything, and everything is cute and coordinated which I love.  The crafts and decor are not ones that LOOK homemade, if you know what I mean.  But most of the ideas are cheap, and the magazine (and website) has wonderful printables.  I will someday subscribe myself so I can have my own collection!  

Anyway...on to the WREATH!  Here is your tutorial for my twist on the one that is in the most recent issue of "Celebrate" complete with pictures:

Here's what you'll need:
1 Flat-Sided wreath form
2 boxes of bunny shaped Peeps (I obviously overbought, but that's ok because I love the fluffy little treats!)
Wide ribbon the color of the Peeps you purchased (Satin is best)
Glue Gun
Ribbon for hanging
Jellybeans to coordinate if you choose

Step One:
Wrap your wreath form with your ribbon, placing a dot of hot glue every now and then to secure it in place.  I accidentally bought the ribbon that is stiffer, so mine doesn't look as smooth as it would if you used satin ribbon.  However, I knew that it would be covered, so if it's cheaper you can use it!

Step Two:
Lay out your Peeps.  DON'T glue them down yet!  I just laid mine out to get the spacing.  To help it look more fluid, I only separated the peeps at the ears and heads, and left their bootylicious hips attached.  This gave me a very close idea of how many would fit.

Step Three:
Attach your Peeps to the wreath using TINY dots of hot glue.  I put one under each bunny.  I ended up  taking one bunny out eating one bunny to make my wreath even.  I started with one set of four and moved around, letting the hot glue sit on the wreath for about 30 seconds before placing the Peeps so they wouldn't melt or roast from the heat.

Step Four:
This is where the twist comes in.  Phyllis Hoffman left her wreath with just the Peeps, but I wanted to add a little more color.  I checked out the jellybeans in the grocery store to see if I liked anything and found these WONDERFUL pastel Lifesavers jellybeans that were on sale.  I love the color of them, and think I'll actually put the rest in a glass bowl for my table decor.  After playing around with different colors and patterns I decided on using blue, green, and purple to add some contrast, but still keep some sophistication and not getting to childish with all the colors.  To place them, I just put another tiny dot of glue between the each two bunnies, then squeezed the jellybean in between.  You don't have to push it all the way to the glue, but it helps keep it in place once it's hardened.  I pushed mine only about halfway down, the fluff of the Peeps hold them in place.  They touch the glue just enough for secure placement.

Step Five:
I might change this on my wreath, because I didn't take my time and didn't like the kind of ribbon I was working with.  If you do want to make a bow, here's what you do.  Cut a strip of ribbon that is the length of the bow you want when folded in half.  Glue the two ends together to make a ring.

Step Six:
Use another piece of ribbon and glue it around the center of your loop.  I ended up folding the ends under to make it look nicer.  Here's what it will look like on the front:

Step Seven:
Pull the center together and use a safety pin to pull it together.

Step Eight:
Attach another piece of ribbon, folding over and gluing the end you attach.  You'll attach one on each side of the center.

Step Nine:
To make a finished edge, fold the ends of the ribbons in half, and cut at an angle.  They should look like this:

Step Ten:
 I attached a thin ribbon to the back of my wreath to hang it, and attached the bow to my hanger separately.

And there you have it!  Cute little Peep wreath for Easter!  Hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine and Spring weather!


  1. Oh my gosh this is so darn cute! I have seen so many cute Easter wreaths in blog land but this is my favorite so far!, great job.

  2. Stacey your wreath turned out simply adorable! I have featured this today. Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! ~ Stephanie Lynn



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