Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MORE Bachelorette Party Games

A couple months ago, I shared this post to tell you about the games we played at my friend, Beth's Bachelorette Party/Lingerie shower.  Well...I had another Pre-Wedding Bash for my sister two weeks before her wedding, and I'm not one to do the same thing twice (unless of course, it's really good).  So, I have NEW BACHELORETTE GAME suggestions for you!

I did this same activity at Beth's party, but like I said...I'll repeat games/activities if they're a hit.  I like the Personality Panties idea because it gives the bride some extra pairs of panties for daily wear.  Also, (even though it's kind of strange) she's reminded of all her loving friends and the variety of personalities they have every time she opens her panty drawer.  To read the explanation, check out the previously mentioned post with more bachelorette ideas.

I didn't want to give my sis the same panties I gave Beth, so I picked these cute navy polka-dot lace-trimmed ones up at Target.  If you know me...you know I love polka dots!

I honestly don't remember where I saw this idea, but I made my own spin on it anyway.  The idea is to give the bride-to-be (and her groom) some kind of decorative pot or vase - empty.  The couple will add a quarter (or whatever change they have) every time they "do the deed" during their first year of marriage. Whatever money they have at the time of their anniversary, they can use to go out to a nice dinner, get a couples massage...whatever they wish.  I got this cute and simple round vase at Michael's pretty cheap, and then just made a card to explain what they'll do and attached it with tape:

I like this vase because once they remove the card, it can sit in their bedroom (or anywhere in their house) and collect change, and no on would know what it was.  I also used this to send home Kim's panties in, so it worked out great!

This is another repeat, and is explained in my first bachelorette games post.  I love the idea though, and was planning on doing it anyway when my sister suggested that we do it at her party.  Basically, we name each lingerie gift and after the party, I made a menu for their honeymoon.  

Some brides like to name their pieces something that sounds like food.  Some like to just use silly names that describe something about the way it looks.  We chose to use fantasy-type names for Larry's Menu.  Kim also had some lingerie she received before this shower, and even more at a shower after this one, so here's the completed menu:  (When I've done this before, people always have trouble getting started, so I thought it might help to see some of the names we used as examples)


Kim is the one that suggested adding the chili peppers after each selection.  I think it's a great idea, because like she mentioned...guys have completely different ideas sometimes than girls do about what these names would mean.  So, adding the spice rating after each one gave Larry a better idea so he can choose what he's really in the mood for, not what he's expecting.

This is a popular game, but I LOVE the result.  It takes much more planning and preparation than any of the others, but I think the laughter and conversations that result are totally worth it.  I met with Larry, Kim's groom-to-be, a few weeks before the party.  I video-taped his responses to the following questions:

1.   What day did you first meet?  Where?
2.   Where was your first date? 
3.   Where was your first kiss?
4.   Who first said, “I love you”?
5.   Do you have a “song”?
6.   What is his favorite meal that the bride has made?  Worst meal?
7.    How old is his oldest pair of underwear?
8.    What day did he say is their anniversary?
9.    What exact words did he say when he asked her to marry him?
10.  What does he like on his pizza?
11.  What is your favorite thing about her?
12.  What would she say is her favorite thing about you?
13.   What is the bride’s guilty pleasure?
14.   Who is her celebrity crush?  Yours?
15.   If you were ordering drinks for both of you, what would you get?
16.   What is your most annoying habit?
17.   What is the last thing she says/does before bed?  You?
18.   If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?  What would she throw out of yours?
19.   What does she keep on her nightstand?  You?
20.What is the nicest thing she’s ever done for you?  You for her?

These are a collection of different questions I found online/tweaked to fit Kim & Larry and what I thought would be fun to hear the answers for.  After I interviewed him, I edited the clips and made a slideshow video for us to watch that night.  I would let the question scroll on the screen and then pause while giving Kim a chance to answer.  After she answered, I played Larry's response.  If they said the same answer, we cheered and clapped and moved on to the next one.  If they disagreed on an answer, Kim had to chew a piece of bubble gum.  I really, truly thought that she would get most of them right.  But it's amazing how different people's perspective can be, even if they're really close.  And I didn't just pick up any bubblegum...I got the jumbo Bubblicious pieces.  Here's Kim at the end of the game...with all her gum:

She wanted to bring her big wad of gum to show Larry how much they disagreed on their answers!  It was fun (for us) to watch, and we laughed a LOT.  But, I don't think Kim is looking forward to chewing anything bubblegum flavored for a while now.  I've also seen where people use marshmallows, but I didn't want things to get too gross and slobbery since we were going out that night.  

I don't really know what else to call it.  But it's REALLY funny to watch.  And SUPER cheap. You need a pair of stockings (I found a pair in clearance at Target for like $0.98 or something like that...it doesn't matter what they look like), a tennis ball, a ribbon, a bottle of water (I had a 1 liter Smart Water bottle from the day before, so just saved that instead of buying a new one), and a stopwatch (We used an app on my phone).  You cut the leg off of the stocking (I suppose you could just leave it together and use one leg to tie it around your waist...but my guests were all different sizes so I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable).  You will fill the water bottle with some water.  I added some red food coloring to make the water pink...just for fun.  The tennis ball goes in the "toe" of the stocking leg, then tied close.  I tied the stocking to the ribbon I was using after that.  Each guest will take a turn.  They tie the ribbon around their waist like a belt, with the ball stocking hanging behind them like a tail.  The water bottle stands on the floor in front of them.  Then, they are timed to see how long it takes to knock over the bottle of water.  At first, they were doing it with their legs together and doing it from the side, but I added the rule that they had to straddle the bottle of water and hit it with the ball between their legs. It is HILARIOUS to watch, because basically the girls are humping to try to hit this bottle...and HARD.  The other girls were all good at it (I think the record was something like 7 seconds)! You can also play this game with more players.  We had a small group, so we went one at a time.  You could also play on teams, and see which team can have each girl knock over a bottle of water the fastest, or score a point for whoever does it first between two against each other.  I have also seen where there is a large party and there are four girls running around with balls between their legs, trying to hit a larger ball into a goal.  There are a TON of variations on this game...and a bunch of videos on youtube to preview what kind  of laughter it brings.  

So, there you have it!  More fun and excitement for bachelorette parties!  Hope they're helpful!


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