Friday, June 24, 2011

Spicy and Sweet Bachelorette Games/Menu

A bridal shower/bachelorette party just isn't complete without some good games to play and ways to make the bride feel special and the center of attention.  I'm not one for typical, "cliche" games like toilet paper dresses or the forbidden words (though I've played them before and think they're fun).  I like to try to find games that are new to the guests and unique.  Here's what I came up with for Beth's:

As I mentioned in my invite tutorial post, I had each girl fill out a card with a spicy or sweet memory they made with Beth (our bride) during their time as friends.  These were enclosed with the invites, but I also had a few extra on hand for the girls who forgot them at their hotel room or lost it along the way.  I also had separate cards using the same format for the guests to give beth some spicy or sweet marriage advice or wishes.  I had collected the finised cards and posted them like this:

I used simple white ribbon (which I actually got for a dollar at Dollar Tree) and hot glued clothespins that were decorated with the same glitter and flocking I used on the invitations.  It was a simple project that I actually threw together last minute when I realized I didn't have a place to display our cards yet!

The girls had lots of fun filling them out, reading all the memories and advice, and it gave us each an opportunity to reflect and reminisce with Beth on our fun times during our friendship.

PERSONALITY PANTIES  Also included with the invitation was a separate card asking the girls to pick up an extra item when they shopped for beth.  I asked that they each pick out a pair of panties for the bride that best describes or portrays THEIR personality.  I hope that makes sense.  Basically, Beth got a bunch of pairs of panties and each one matches each of her guests personalities.  This was the first "game" we played.  Beth opened every pair and had three guesses to see if she could match the panties to the lady.  It was fun to see the variety.  We had Disney Princess panties, cotton briefs, lacy thongs, edible undies, and even "commando".  Beth now has a good variety of options that she might not even choose for herself.  

Here's Beth and I with my cute frilly pink panties with a bow.  Very cute and girly...just the way I like them!  :o)

MR. RIGHT  Ok, so this is one that's a little more common.  I printed out a story that I inserted Beth and Scott's names into titled "Mr. Right".  Throughout the story, the words "right" and "left" are used A LOT.  I had three gift bags with these little goodies:

I spread out the gifts around the circle and as I read the story, the girls had to pass the gifts around the circle every time they heard either the word "right" or "left" in the direction that I said.  Whoever ended up with the gifts at the ends of the story got to keep them.  It sounds easy, but sometimes I would say things like "She LEFT the RIGHT card RIGHT there on the table before they LEFT RIGHT to meet Mr. RIGHT."  It was fun!  

BANANA RACE  It wouldn't be a Bachelorette party if there wasn't a condom somewhere!  I've played this before using Twinkies...which actually I think is much more fun and interesting.  Basically, each girl got a banana and a condom, and had to race to see who could unwrap and put the the condom on the banana the fastest.  Winner got another little pamper me prize bag!

It's a mess...but worth it for the belly laughs!

KISS THE PRINCE  This is the bachelorette version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".  I printed out a bunch of pictures of HOT men, including newly married Prince William and Beth's fiance, Scott.  I decided to call mine "Kiss the Prince".  The cute frames I got at Michael's, they were wall decals for about a dollar.  I blindfolded the girls, they applied some lipstick, I spun them around 5 times, and let them go plant a kiss on one of the men.  Whoever got closest to kissing their man on the lips won a prize.

LINGERIE MENU  Finally, after Beth opened all her gifts, we named each of them.  It was fun to giggle and come up with sexy names for each piece of her new wardrobe.  After the party, I made a Lingerie Menu for Scott to be able to look at and choose what Beth should wear.  I also made a key for Beth so she knew what each name was matched to.  

RISQUE MENU  Just like I don't like to do typical cliche games, I also am not a big fan of male anatomy food at a party.  However, I just didn't want to serve chips and dip and be done with it.  So here's what I served:

Sticks in Creamy Dip (These were just clear plastic cocktail glasses with a little ranch in the bottom and celery and carrot sticks in them.  Kinda like these.)
Little Weenies (Lil' Smokies in BBQ/Cocktail Sauce/Grape Jelly)
Sweet Balls (Red Velvet Cake Balls...made by my wonderful friend Amber!)
and of course...I make her a Strawberry cake with buttercream icing

So there ya go!  Next time I'll fill you in on the decor and favors!
**UPDATE:  Check out even more bachelorette game ideas I did at my sister's shower here.


  1. Hello. Do you happen to have a copy of your right left game you played at your party?!
    Can you email to me?

    1. Yes! Were you able to get a copy of the Right, Left game? Also, the lingerie menu and key??

  2. Where did you find the Right Left game story? I would love to use this at my sisters upcoming bachelorette party as a way for the girls to 'win' something.

  3. How did a guest represent "commando" for pantie game?



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