Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spicy/Sweet Favors

I wanted to share the favors that I made for the Spicy/Sweet Bachelorette Party I threw for my friend Beth. I have a LOT of other projects to post about.  My sister is getting married in ONE WEEK!!!  So, needless to say, I've been elbow deep in parties and crafts, which I can't wait to share with you.  I may even ask my sis if I can do a post about some pretties she's been making for her big day.  Anyway...back to the point...

Since this was a spicy & sweet theme, I wanted the favors to reflect that.  So for the sweet, I got candy ...what could be better than sugary treats to represent my "sweet"?  The spicy was a little trickier.  Originally, I thought about ordering these chili chocolate jewels that I remember seeing on Food Network.  But, it would have been outrageously expensive to order, since I seemed to only be able to get variety boxes.  So I had to come up with something else.  Hot sauce?  Not with candy.  Salsa?  Not with candy.  Cinnamon?  Kind of random.  Eventually, I decided on getting seeds for guests to plant their own peppers. Once I came up with this idea, I was excited!  Target had little planting pots  in a 2-Pack for only a dollar in the $1 spot section (my favorite and must-stop spot every time I go in Target).  

Then I found a variety of pepper seed packs.  There were a lot to choose from since it was at the beginning of planting season!

The only issue I had with this project was the sticky stuff left over on the pots after pulling off the stickers.  But, that's nothing a little Goo Gone and elbow grease couldn't fix!

Once I assembled them, I decided to add a card to help get the point across and thank all of Beth's lovely friends for coming and celebrating with us.

I printed these out, that said "Thank You!  It was so SWEET of you to come help kick off Beth's marriage with some SPICE!"

They still needed a little "pop" so I added a line of my trusty blue glue around the edge...

...then dipped those edges in pink glitter.  It took almost no time at all, and added a nice finishing touch!

Here's a look at the final card:

The favors were a hit!  I never got my peppers to grow, but that's mostly because I didn't give them the proper love they needed.  :o(  I hope the other girls had luck.  I did love the candy!  I think this was a perfect favor to tie together the theme of the party and thank guests for coming!

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