Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Date - Making Fortune Cookies

Last night I was looking for a photo on my computer and ran across the album that holds all of the upcoming dates for the Spring.  I am PUMPED that we have reached the halfway point.  From here on out, I think the dates are fun, creative, and different.  I'm excited to share them with you!

So, in continuing with the Dates for a Year Basket, here is January! 

January was a month that, like December, I could have gone a lot of different directions with...something "wintery", New Year's related, I even thought about planning some kind of exercising/active date to kick off resolutions.  But, I wasn't sure if that would be something they were focused on and didn't want to be too "themey" with the season.  These are intended to be dates that they can revamp, modify, and recycle throughout their marriage.  Then, I thought about a "dream" date.  

I read about this idea online somewhere and it sounded cute in theory, but when I started to put the envelope together, I decided not to use it.  For this date I would have provided home planning magazines, a baby name book, travel brochures, and other things that we often dream about accomplishing or doing someday but may not be a reality in the present.  During the date, Kim & Larry would plan for a someday house, pick out potential baby names, find fun things to do in vacation spots they want to visit.  Sounds fun, right?  Well...I had a hard time finding a cheap baby name book and was running out of days to find a travel agency to go gather brochures from places other than Nashville.  Plus, the more I thought about it, the more I leaned against it.  (I can sometimes analyze things too much)  I thought there might be a chance that they get frustrated being too far from a dream, or have other plans than what I would include.  Plus, it's kind of like the old-school version of Pinterest.  :o)  So I just opted to find something different. would be a fun date!

After that idea kind of flopped, I started thinking of other things I could do.  Then I thought about the kits that you can buy at bookstores that include supplies and a book to teach you something.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  There are books for stone massages, origami, sushi making, palm reading, magic tricks, aromatherapy, etc, etc, etc.  So, I headed to Barnes & Noble in search of some inspiration and a fun kit to center this date around.  There were a ton of options, but with some of the other dates I had already planned, I kind of struggled to find something completely different that wouldn't blend in and be similar to another date.  I really want the whole basket of dates to be a variety.  Then, I saw a small red box  with a big picture of a fortune cookie.  Perfect!  

Here's what was included in the January envelope:

Here is the date card that was included in the envelope:

This date was one of the easiest ones to plan.  All I needed was the inspiration, and some creative thinking for the card.  Of course, if you want to use this date in your basket, you can purchase the kit here (at the time I'm posting this it is on sale for $4.99 & eligible for free shipping!)  If you didn't want to get the kit, you can Google "how to make fortune cookies" and there are a ton of YouTube videos, blogs, and entire websites dedicated to making these predicting treats.  However, the kit is awesome.  It comes with a book containing a lot of different recipes and party ideas, white gloves for folding your cookies, printed fortunes, origami paper, and a wheel of fortunes.  A lot for such a low price!  Of course, if you didn't like the fortune cookie idea, you could look at other kits and see if there's one you like better.  There are definitely a lot to choose from!  This particular kit wouldn't fit into the standard envelope, so I took out the supplies and tossed the box.  So keep that in mind when planning.  

I put on the card that it would be a good night to order Chinese food for dinner.  If you wanted to turn this date into an entire basket, you could include a gift card for dinner and even get the ingredients to make the cookies.  

So, pretty simple, but I think this is going to be a great date for Kim & Larry.  I've never tried making fortune cookies before, but it seems like a fun and unique thing to learn.  This is date number 7 of 13.  Get pumped up for February's date.  You KNOW I went all out for Valentine's month.  <3

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