Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Date - Be A Kid Again!

I finally get to tell you about my FAVORITE date I included in the Dates for a Year Basket!
Spring is my favorite time of the year, especially when it's getting to the end of the school year and heading into summer vacation.  When you think back on this time of the year in your lifetime, when were you the happiest and most carefree?  When you were a kid, right?  So I thought it was time to pull some of that childhood joy into being a grown up because, let's be honest...being a grown up is just not as fun sometimes.  This month, Kim & Larry get to be kids again!

I got so excited and over-enthusiastic for this date, I ended up needing two envelopes to include everything!  

Here's what was included in the May envelopes:
  • Date Card
  • Two coloring books... (I used ones I had)
  • 1 box of 16 Crayola crayons... (nothing beats Crayola)
  • 2 stunt gliders/foam make it yourself planes
  • $15 gift card for McDonald's
  • 2 bottles of bubbles
  • 2 ready to eat bowls of Lucky Charms cereal

Here is the date card that was included in the envelope:

This is my favorite date because I'm definitely young at heart.  Kim & Larry are, I'm thinking they'll have a lot of fun on this date.  They could really do this any day, but I suggested Saturday on the card so that they can get up in the morning and then color and watch Saturday morning cartoons while they eat their Lucky Charms.  Of course, Saturday morning cartoons where much better in the 80's & 90's than they are now, but...oh well.  Then, they can head to a local park to play on the playground, blow bubbles, and race their gliders.  I included the McDonald's gift card so that they could REALLY be like kids that day and not have to worry about how to pay for lunch.  I suggest on the card that they end the date making forts and shadow puppets and doing all those fun things we did at sleepovers when we were younger.  

This date cost me around $20-$25.  It was definitely one of the more expensive dates, but I already mentioned that I went a little overboard.  Actually, if I would have left out the McDonald's card, it would have been one of the cheaper dates.  It was really simple to pull together.  I used a few things I had on hand (Being a teacher, I had a stash of bubbles, crayons, and coloring books), but everything else was purchased at the drug store right up the road.  I've seen a lot of variations of this date (I'm sure you even have some new ideas swimming in your head now), and you could definitely do it differently, or add more.  

As I mentioned, this date could be much cheaper by leaving out the gift card for lunch.  You could also just cut back on the items you include.  Suggest they use their own cereal,  replace the bubbles and gliders with ideas for games to play instead.  Add a stack of paper and have them create their own paper airplanes.  But, can't get much cheaper unless you just give them the idea.  

I went a little crazy, and believe it or not, had so many more ideas to add to this date!  You could certainly make this an extravagant "kid" basket, and it would be so much fun putting together!  It would be cute to get little plastic bowls and spoons for the cereal to include.  You could also get them footie pajamas or fun socks.  For the park, you could include a whole set of playground equipment...jumpropes, sidewalk chalk, a kickball, frisbee, imaginative!  I mentioned that they could make forts when they get home, so you could include a fort kit and flashlights, maybe even also add a gift card for pizza or ice cream for dinner.  Add a kids' movie or a DVD of classic cartoons.  You get the idea.    

This is date 11 of 13!    I can't believe I'm already saying that.  We've got two left, with a very special one to finish it out.  Have fun being a kid again this month!

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